The Photographers

Please give a warm welcome to our 12 members of The Photograph Collective! We represent many different cities – both hometowns and new roots – and we can’t wait to bring our individual styles to the table.

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Aaron FreyAaron Frey // New York City, NY // Seoul, Korea // Malmö, Sweden

Aaron is a photographer currently based in New York who has lived and worked in Seoul, Korea and Malmö, Sweden. His photography spans city life, travelogues covering the global specialty coffee industry, and graphic design-inspired serendipitous compositions. With a background in applied cultural analysis, he seeks to incorporate elements of visual anthropology in his evolving practice. He also finds it amusing to write in the third person and hopes you enjoy the images posted here!



Amanda // New York City, NY & San Diego, CAAmanda L

You could say that I’ve been an amateur photographer for a little under two years, but I’ve probably only even allowed myself to identify as a photographer for the past few months. I began a travel blog during my semester abroad in London (oh-so-hilariously titled View the Liew in the Queue) and quickly fell in love with the concept of sharing both photographs and ideas. After purchasing my beloved little Nikon, I quickly realized I had no idea what the buttons did and signed up for a Digital Photography class. From that point on, my blog was reborn – capturing both my life and my development in photography.



Beatrice // San Diego, CABeatrice

I’ve always been artistically inclined, but unfortunately missed out on the drawing and painting talent. Luckily, I found photography to be a great way for me to satisfy that visual creative itch. I graduated from point-and-shoots to a DSLR about 2.5 years ago, but I am still very much on that learning curve, both technically and creatively. There’s nothing like a good photo that makes the viewer look twice and really feel something (those feels, man) – that’s something I hope to achieve in my work.



Christine // Detroit, MI & New York, NYAlix_2 // Instagram: @Christine_Alix 

My love of photography often intersects with my passion for adventure and travel. Having explored nearly 40 countries, much of my work is focused on different locations including Dharavi in Mumbai, Istanbul and Detroit, where I’ve been continuously photographing for the last five years. In total, I’ve been photographing and studying photography for 10 years, though recently my practice has been shifting. I’ve been putting down my Canon 1D in favor of my FujiFilm x100S and iPhone, trading weight for compact convenience. This is allowing me to explore more personal subjects, and photograph more regularly. When not taking pictures I can often be found planning shenanigans, daydreaming about s’mores or making lists of what I’d like to name my nonexistent pet jellyfish.



IMG_0778Fernando Lira // Recife, Brazil & Middletown, CT

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite hobby: I draw, write, watch TV shows, etc. – but photography is certainly up there. Taking pictures for my school’s yearbook quickly became one of my favorite activities, and from there, I moved on to get my own camera (a gorgeous T3i)! Now, I’m always searching for something to take pictures of, and it’s incredible how much there is out there, even in the most commonplace, everyday scenes.



HornHorn Lerat // Rouen, France

I have been photographing for 8 years; and has been the best method, I have found, to get out of my shyness and to explore.

“What the photograph reproduces to infinity happens only once. ” – Roland Barthes

This is my main motivation! Each photo made, the story is different, yet unique each time. Since buying my Canon 600DI, I have discovered many styles of photography. My favorite is nature, however I also find sporting events very interesting. Nature is so calm! All problems disappear. You’re alone and you have just one thing to do, take photos of everything you can see. However, i like sporting events as they’re very dynamic. You cannot immortalize each moment, but you try to do the best and the results are often satisfying. My landscaping studies are now complete, so I hope to travel to France to show you how beautiful this country is!



Jacquelyn // Silicon Valley, CAportrait 4_14 (2)

What inspires me most? Family, friends, travel, art, and food, among others. For me, photography is a unique junction between life’s inspirations and the stories encompassing these moments in time. After receiving my first DSLR from my parents a couple years ago, my camera has become a tool to document people, places, and things that I am most excited about. Though I have much to learn about photography and technique, it is my pleasure to share my perspective of the world with you and challenge myself to improve and grow as a photographer.



Jessica // Seoul, Korea & Middleton, CTJessica Photo

I’m somewhat of a jill-of-all-trades when it comes to the arts. I paint, I dance, I shoot, I write, and I sing, but I wouldn’t know what to tell you if you asked me to pick a favorite to specialize in. I’m captivated by the individual power (and potentially fusion) of these different art forms to portray the complexity of human emotions. Humans are so interesting, don’t you agree? (Yes, I’m a psych major). I haven’t had very many opportunities to take out my baby (a Nikon D5100) lately, so I’m very excited to contribute to this collective!




Khatiti // Gambier, OH & New York City, NYKhatiti Photo

When I think about where my interest in photography began, it goes all the way back to playing around with my dad’s way old (and nonfunctioning) box camera. I worked my way up through cameras, from disposables to point and shoot, and 4 years ago I bought a DSLR camera. I combined my love for photography with my obsession with food and most enjoy taking photos of anything that I bake, cook, or eat. I’ve been mainly teaching myself (with lots of help from Pinterest) and I look forward to challenging myself and improving my skills.


Mary [Coming Soon!]


Maya PhotoMaya // South Hadley, MA & Albany, CA

As a college student on the east coast of the U.S. in Massachusetts traveling frequently from my west coast hometown in California, two separate spheres of life provide an opportunity for what I feel the photography medium does best: documenting and sharing through storytelling. I prefer to focus on portraiture, food photography, and unnoticed or treasured moments because I feel that all three carry strong emotional ties, although I’m always interested in being pushed to venture outside those comfortable categories. I was gifted my Canon DSLR for Christmas around 3 years, have taken a few photography classes, and am now excited to collaborate with fellow photographers. I appreciate The Photograph Collective’s motive to unite individuals by providing a place that encourages creativity and stokes the love for our medium.


Stephen // Évreux, France & London, UKStephen

Following in the footsteps of jealousy and lust (two of my favourite sins) I bought a DSLR to try and improve on my classic iPhone photography and see whether I can create a blog as inspiring as some of my friends and family. It also happened to be my year abroad in France, so I had the valid excuse. I’m a complete novice in the field, but am aiming to use this as a challenge to explore the realms of photography deeper and further away from my happy tourist/weirdo lying on the floor (for the perfect photo-angle of course) ways.


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