The Details

Format & Guidelines

The People: 10-12 amateur digital photographers with varying levels of expertise. We are a group of photographers who shoot as a creative outlet and have the intention of improving our work. Since this is an online collective, we welcome people from all around the world.

The Projects: All members of the collective submit challenges and ideas for the rest of the group to work under. There is a large amount of freedom given to crafting the challenges, but we hope that each member will take feasibility into account. Ideally, challenges would be just that – a challenge. Something that requires thought and planning. At the same time, these challenges allow each photographer to interpret and shoot in their own ways.

The Photographs: The pictures taken for The Photograph Collective are meant to be shared – both within the collective and to the public. Each member is asked to provide their thoughts and critiques on fellow members. While we are operating in a group of 10-12, we seek to enrich other amateur photographer’s lives with what we have learned as well. We strongly encourage using this space as an opportunity to blog about the process and hope that communication will be facilitated throughout the 6 weeks, not just as project end.

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