The Photograph Collective seeks to help amateur photographers expand both technically and creatively. With small community in mind, we hope to be a group that is constantly challenging one another to improve our craft.

The Photograph Collective was born from a feeling of stagnancy and frustration. As a student in a Digital Photography course, I was constantly progressing and learning more in terms of technique, but also who I was as an artist. After that point, however, I witnessed myself fall into the same patterns over and over again – not developing a personal style, but falling into a rut of repetition. I missed being forced to work within the confines of someone else’s challenge, yet allowing myself to expand and grow through that. I craved the group mentality where we were invested in each other’s art, providing critique and suggestions. It’s difficult to improve when you’re isolated in a bubble. The Photograph Creative hopes to end that.

Amanda Liew

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