Tags – by Aaron

Using long exposure and capturing the form of a medium, I was thinking of the street/urban space as a medium for expression. I wanted to highlight an everyday “art” that is not necessarily purely/primarily aesthetic, but graffiti tags ended up being the easiest thing. They’re primarily ignored, improvised, also creatively placed – they’re meant to communicate but are only interpretable to a select audience. For the majority of viewers, they’re just background “noise.”


misc-1343-2 misc-1349-2 misc-1429 misc-1436


Amanda – Interesting medium to capture! Your third photograph is truly stunning, the grittiness and the color scheme works very well to highlight the emotion of the street scene. I’m very curious as to how long your shutter speed was open! I would have thought the feet would be blurred in this instance, but it’s interesting that instead it’s all that is visible. It also makes me wonder whether a high ISO (and therefore more graininess) could ever be used on purpose to add a certain emotion. I like the variety in your angles & how the graffit becomes a focus in different ways. In my opinion, the weakest one is the fruit photograph, since the colors of the apples are much brighter than the blue vertical bar. On the other hand, with the red graffiti photo, the artwork immediately draws your attention and then allows your eyes to drift to the blurred girls walking – a very interesting conversation between the two! Well done.

Beatrice – I really enjoyed your series. The vivid colors and feel of your photos make me wonder if you used film to shoot or if it’s just good editing! Great use of long exposure. Though I really like photo 3 by itself (and is possibly my favorite photo of the bunch), I feel like it doesn’t fit in as well with the rest of the series mainly because the focus is of the blur in the center and not on the graffiti. Overall, great work!

Stephen – I really do like your style in this photo series. It took a second glance to grab your use of the technical prompt bank and I do think you are great in making viewers explore deeper in to your submissions. I would love to know who’s street tags these were, and what other tags you found upon your way. The ones you chose have probably never been photographed which is a fantastic way to show that art is in plain sight at all times – its just an off glance, then you find it. Photo 3 is an odd one in the series, looking from an alternate angle at the street art – I do tend to skip past it a little, spending less time analysing the photo. Photos 2 and 4 however catch my eye from the tags to the light casting over the pavement or fruit, and it think the depth in the photos makes these two the strongest in the series.

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