Quand La Musique Joue – by Stephen

Quand la musique joue!
(When the music plays)
In my cross media interpretation, I took advantage of my trip to Évreux, France in order to complete the series. I used a disposable camera and had no idea what the end result would be. I hope to have captured a music festival’s ambiance, crowds, day to nightlife and slow escape from sobriety as the night progresses.

Technical Prompt: Film photography

Stephen at TPC

Stephen online

1 2 3 4 5 6


Amanda – I cheated & read Fernando’s commentary first & loved his point about the change in color scheme! I agree, I think that certainly captures the progression from festival to sobriety. In that regard, I think it would be so fascinating to see this done in an even bigger color progression. What if you picked a color and went from bright blue shades, slowly dimming it over the course of each photograph until it reached a dark navy? I particularly like the way that these photographs truly feel like snapshots – they seem to be strewn about, left behind as forgotten mementos, etc, which all adds to the freeing experience of a music festival.

Beatrice – I like your idea of simply capturing time at a music festival. I like the contrast of your film photos being full of energy and excitement (except for your last one) but having the surrounding environment minimal and quiet. It creates an interesting dynamic. My favorite is photo 5 – I just really like the shadows and how it just seems like someone dropped a stack of photos on their way home from the festival. I think photo 1 doesn’t fit in as well in the series – the colors in both the film and the background are a bit bright compared to the more neutral colors in the rest of series. The sunlight in photo 1 also exposes the film more than I would have liked.

Fernando – Very interesting series, Stephen! I was quite intrigued by the way you were taking pictures of pictures, but you didn’t make the picture-object be the sole focus of your images: they transmit information, but so does the color scheme, the background, the lighting. Speaking of color scheme, I really enjoyed how you made the progression from very colorful first image to the black and white last couple of pictures. The way I see it, you’re using color to portray the change from daytime and liveliness to an exhausted evening, however I’m not entirely sure that’s what you wanted to convey with it.

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