Untitled by Aaron

For Project 4, “The Unsocial Life,” the challenge was: The unsocial life: capture your solitude in a series of photos. Take pride in the time you spend being with yourself and share it.

Untitled by Aaron

To see more work by Aaron, click here.

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Beatrice: My first thought is that I love the bold colors of your photos. Your photos really convey a sense of peacefulness and solitude. My favorite photo is the one of the coffee cup and paper. I just love the editing – it’s reminiscent of someone of reading by himself at a diner. The shadow cast by the coffee cup is also perfect. Your images are a little Edward Hopper-esque, which I love!

Jessica: I love the color scheme you have running through your photos. Orange and blue is actually my favorite color combination- its underrated and yet so powerful. Your usage of it lends unity to your project as a whole, but also leaves room for individuality, since neither of the thematic colors reappear in exactly the same tone. My favorite usage of this is in your first image, in which the shadow of the coffe cup yields just a suggestion of orange. The angles are also beautifully captured, and the image manages to stay simple and interesting at the same time, which I admire. My one critique would be that I wish you had photoshopped the far off boat to the left of the image, just because the right hand side is a little crowded with the cloud and the staircase (and the boat) in a linear line.

Stephen: I like all three photos independently of each other, and they are well brung together in colour. I feel there needs to be a stronger story linking all three as to how they present your own unsocial life. The first is clear in this point from knowing your frshgrnd story and this promotes photo one to my favourite.

Mary: I love the first image of this series. It captures both the place and the activity. It tells a lot about what’s going on. Reading. Coffee. Morning, probably. Perhaps your kitchen, but I’m imagining a diner. I miss that from the other photos. They feel like less-complete stories. The first photo shows the whole moment of your solitude, where the other photos feel like things that you saw while alone. I’d enjoy seeing the bench in front of the ocean, where you sat and looked out at the boats, so I could experience the ocean like we got to experience the morning reading and coffee. I think sometheing else I really love about the first image is that even though it’s this image that totally represents quiet time (coffee and some pretty heady reading material), there’s still so much movement in the image coming from the lines. The papers create all these great dynamic lines, accentuated by the diagonal line on the top of the page. It has this great balance of being of something simple and calm, but having a lot of visual movement and interest.

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