The Nightmare by Aaron

I can vividly remember a nightmare I had when I was 3 or 4 years old. Walking down the hallway at night, the door to my parents room had a dozen menacing looking babies floating around it bathed in green light. I tried to recreate that feeling here using an innocuous teddy bear as a prop. I also included a version without the bears because I kind of like it better.


nightmare-100 copy nightmare-100-2 nightmare-100nightmare-101 copynightmare-101


Amanda: Wow! This is why I love having multiple artists dissect the same prompt. I would have never thought to go the “nightmare” route, and I’m thrilled that you did. These photos are immensely creepy and sing homage to so many horror films that have been created in the past. My favorites are the plain black and white one, the black and white one with the teddy bears because it actually looks more like smoke curling from around it, and the one with the red hue because I see flames. I would love to hear more about the technique you used to get these shots – did you use an extended shutter to move the teddy bear around? Edit them after the fact? Truth be told, I don’t think I wold have realized those were teddy bears if you hadn’t stated it so. I can’t decide if having more clarity on their faces would make this more or less successful, though. Bravo!

Beatrice: I really like your interpretation and execution of a nightmare. My photo of choice would be the first photo – black and white and without the bears. In this case, I think less is more. I think it really tugs at the viewers’ curiosity of what is behind the door: is it really a monster or just my imagination? I also like the lighting and the contrast here. I can almost hear the door creaking in my head…awesome job!

Stephen: Really strong photos here, with real nightmare qualities! I prefer the black and white photos here – I believe its easier to search for the mystery in them – notcing the hands creep round the door eminating the monster behind the wall. The bears arent 100% noticable, a greater clarity may help with the vividity of nightmares that people, and yourself, have had. The shots are very well executed and it would be interesting to work in such a style – creating a lifelike moving image is something I find difficult! Bravo!

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