The Things You Don’t See by Stephen

“The things you don’t see”
For this project inspiration came when I visited The Tate Britain and noticed how many children weren’t interested in the prominence of some great works around them. I tried to take the view of one of these children in angles or interests or what they are told to look at (please don’t touch – photo 3).
But also felt that each child, each person, sees the world differently.
I was once proposed with the question of how we know that the blue you see is the same as the blue another person sees.
I therefore tried to incorporate this post-effect.


Is like very bad trip Photo 1 Man Photo 2 Please do not touch photo 3


Beatrice: A great observation that children many times don’t find the same things interesting as adults do. My favorite photo is the second photo – I think it captures the playful viewpoint of a child well. I also like how you edited the photo. It kind of has a vintage feel to it. I love museums so I think it’s cool that you decided to base your idea off children’s perspectives in museums. I think I would have liked if photos 1 and 3 could have some more context of being art pieces in a museum, but that is just my opinion! Great work!

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