Exploring Day to Night by Beatrice

Exploring Day to Night

I think what is so fun and interesting about children is that the world is so new to them. They are constantly trying to make sense of their surroundings and thus always exploring and letting their imaginations run wild. I wanted to capture that feeling of innocence and wonder that children have when exploring an unfamiliar place during the day and the night.


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Amanda: The “day” photograph that you took is absolutely stunning – the captured motion, the fleeting moment, the stark contrast, but the bright & breezy feel to it is perfect. I think it does such a successful job of capturing a sense of adventure. In contrast, the “night” photograph captures such a different tone – the dark cobblestone brings about scenes of alleyways and almost makes me think the children are in danger. Here, the motion envokes more of a “running from” rather than a “running to.” I think as photos alone, these two are very strong. The black and white adds to the drama of the photos and the editing is done well. That being said, I feel like there is a slight disconnect between what you intended (or at least what I assume you intended based off of your Artist Statement) and what your photographs show. To me, the photographs have an adult like gaze on what it’s like to be children. Your amusement and intrigue shows through the photographs, but does not necessarily show the scene through a child. Ultimately, though, very powerful images!

Jacquelyn: Your two photos really captured what you were going for: innocence and wonder. I loved the sharp contrast between the bright, day-lit photo at the beach, and the dark, nighttime photo on the street. In addition, I really liked the angle at which you shot the picture; the small feet in mid-motion captures the thought of a constantly on-the-go child. This was also a great theme you kept for both pictures. All in all, fantastic work! and great idea to use black + white!

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