Behind the Camera by Stephen

It has been less than 12-months that I have owned my DSLR (Canon 60D) and nearly six-months with The Photograph Collective. I didn’t imagine that I had a creative side before now.

It has been a huge success and pleasure to work along side the other photographers in our community, and I have pushed my boundaries in terms of photography and editing work. I am amazed at the stark difference between now and from when I started blogging.

If I compare between one of my first photographs and one of my most recent, I laugh at how much I have changed!

PM 5This photograph formed part of my first project – I thought it was one of my favourite photos of my set, but I look now and, although I still like it, I notice that there is no real focus and I become lost in the mass array of information. It has an overall aesthetic, but no real sense. It formed part of “Life in our moment”, which I now find to have changed drastically since this post was displayed.

Image 1-2

Photo two was taken from my most recent project – ‘Somebody else’s story”. You can see the mass difference in style and skill. I experimented with long-exposure and personally I enjoy imagining someone hiding behind the mattress (ledge at the bottom left) trying to spy on ghosts in the apartment. There is a better focus, but I do realise there is still a lot to work on and improve. I hope to see some change in the next project, and I hope to work on the critiques from my fellow photographers in order to improve.

Speaking of which, we at the Photograph Collective actively discuss each others work in hope of bettering our self and our work. We also love your feedback and all comments are an awesome way to discover what we mean to others outside our expanding circle.

Floor contract attempt 2

Here, I add a little preview in to my project 4 work. You can see the altered style and a new range of work that I am attempting. This project will see me working a lot post-shooting, and it will be interesting to see what you guys think in the next coming weeks.

Next week we will launch project 4 – but for now you’re going to have to wait in hot anticipation.

Speak soon and Thank you for all your support,

Stephen Turnock at TPC!!

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