Halloween by Fernando

I’ve always been a story teller, and with Halloween coming up, I thought: why not tell a neat little creepy tale to get everyone in the mood for one of the funnest celebrations of the year? Hope you guys like it! Also, I want to shout out a special thanks to Jessica for modeling for me!









Aaron: I like this, the shots are great and not too literal. However I’m not sure how to interpret it, her expression doesn’t seem fearful so I’m not sure what’s happening. I like Amanda’s suggestion of cropping it closer to just the eyes – that might make me wonder what she’s looking at, and give a sense of foreboding / anticipation. Or perhaps just a hand on the window, or some other gesture to convey emotion.

Amanda: This is fantastic! Such a fun and eerie concept to play with. I particularly enjoy the shots that leave gaps between the story – they provide just enough to make the story interesting, but keep a question in mind to add to the mystery. It’s great that you and Jessica were able to collaborate on this project together (isn’t it so much easier making your subject do something crazy when they understand why you’re asking?). I would preferred the set without the photos that focus directly on her face – I would have preferred shots where part of her face is hidden so you can’t quite see her expression, thus adding to the mystery even more. In terms of post-editing, I thoguht the hues you chose for each photo fit well with one another & successfully created an overall feel to unite the set but keep a unique look to each one so they didn’t feel repetitive. The only shot that I felt was a little over-edited was the shot of her legs. Otherwise, I think this is a really strong set together!

Jacquelyn: I love the teamwork you put forth in your collection! Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season, so I was very excited when you approached the project assignment with a desire to capture the spookiness of Halloween. I honestly could not choose a “favorite” photo among your story; each photograph told its own anecdote, ranging from wonder to mystery and eeriness. The photo that captured your artist’s statement best was the second; the mix of shattered glass with a haunted house in the reflection certainly brought to life your Halloween theme. In addition, the peeling green paint and dusty, purple tint further emphasized the photo’s uncanny setting.

My favorite photo of the bunch was the third. I don’t know if it was the feeling of antiquity that I got from first glance or the resemblance to a fall J.Crew catalog that drew me to this photo first. I love how every object of this photo ties in perfectly with the subject matter. The worn boots, dead leaves, cobwebs beneath the door, and miscellaneous wooden boards make the setting appear very natural, without being too cluttered. My only critique is not really a critique at all, but a matter of personal preference. I think that you owned your theme with just the first three photos. To me, they represent a trio of perfectly-balanced colors, feelings, and visuals that capture your story without being repetitive. Nevertheless, fantastic work!

Mary:  Some of these shots are very mysterious and really give an eerie feeling, particularly the images where it’s hard to discern what’s going on, like images 4 and 6. It’s nice that you have a mix of those creepier shots along with some other shots that give a bit more context to the story. The images seem a bit disjointed since the coloring and aesthetics vary from shot to shot. I think it would help the set of images read as “story” more if they were shot/edited in a similar style. I’m not too sure what exactly the story is, but the narrative is definitely propelled in the ghost story/creepy direction with those two images I mentioned before. Great work with those.

Stephen: Photo number 4 all the way! Really very creepy and I would imagine that shot in film. The modelled images were the weekest, i felt, due to the crispness of them. It would have been nice to distort those images to give the viewer a misplaced sense. You can also see your head in image 6 (no image 5??). Do you have a story behind the images? Could you crete a short tale to add suspense for a reader? These would be nice additions if you have a little time. The images do really work well together with a range of viewpoints, the jittery ness of the selection can be worked well in to a halloween ensemble, and all in close up suggests something further afield that we cannot see.

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