Photographer Bio: Horn Lerat


Évreux, France

We are excited to announce three new photographers who have joined us for Project #2! A few members of The Photograph Collective have become so excited about what we are doing, that they couldn’t help but recruit more friends. At this point, we have 12 photographers total and operate in 2 smaller groups of 6.

I have been photographing for 8 years; and has been the best method, I have found, to get out of my shyness and to explore.

“What the photograph reproduces to infinity happens only once. ” – Roland Barthes

This is my main motivation! Each photo made, the story is different, yet unique each time.

Since buying my Canon 600DI, I have discovered many styles of photography. My favorite is nature, however I also find sporting events very interesting. Nature is so calm! All problems disappear. You’re alone and you have just one thing to do, take photos of everything you can see.

However, i like sporting events as they’re very dynamic. You cannot immortalize each moment, but you try to do the best and the results are often satisfying.

My landscaping studies are now complete, so I hope to travel to France to show you how beautiful this country is!

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