“Wholehearted Living” by Jacquelyn

Challenge #1: “Life in our moment”: Take approximately 4-6 photos of different hours of the day, 8am – 11am – 1pm – 5pm – 11pm, so we can see the progression of time as we are living it. It doesn’t need to be on the same day but a ‘day’ is what is to be perceived. 

Artist’s Statement
Since establishing my routine of going to work and returning home, I’ve begun to take note of the small pleasures I discover throughout the day. Whether it’s my daily drive to work that allows me to sit and reflect quietly, or my brief visit to the local library, which fills me with excitement for finding the next “best book,” each photograph represents a moment in my day that I am truly grateful for.


1 - drivetowork 2 - work 3 - walktolunch 4 - library 5 - teatime

Critiques: At the end of every artist’s piece, we will be posting the critiques that other members of The Photograph Collective have written in response. These critiques are meant to encourage, challenge, and ultimately better each other as photographers. In the same fashion, we also invite our readers to share their thoughts of projects in the comments section below.

Amanda: I really like the sentiment of this project – of not only stopping to smell the roses, but to capture it through this project. There’s a stillness & a peacefulness which comes across very well in these photos & echoes the “wholehearted living” that you tried to capture. My favorite shots were the library and car mirror. Both of those photos are mundane in terms of content, but make me flash back to times where I’ve relished in the peace of a long car drive or of browsing books with nothing rushing me. With the mirror shot in particular, I love that you managed to capture an empty lane next to you – that certainly adds to the tranquility of the image. In terms of cropping, I think the photo would have been stronger with less of the pavement on the left hand-side to really center the viewer’s focus on the gaze & the road without distraction. The photo I found the weakest was the computer – I think a laptop generally has connotations of being at work, being too busy, etc., so it didn’t seem to fit into the same relaxed feeling as the rest of the photos. One idea which I think would have made your project stronger would be to somehow capture this same amount of peacefulness & tranquility, but with the rush & stress of the day off in the distance. This would be pretty difficult to do all in one shot, but it would serve as a very strong contrast between the business of the day & the moments you truly savor. Really excited to see how your work continues & love the outlook of this project!

Maya: I really appreciated the series of photographs that you took because they serve as a narrative for your every day lifestyle. I especially enjoyed the shot of the trees during your walk; your use of depth of field shows what the pathway looks like, and the colors are great. I struggled a lot with inspiration for different moments in my day, and wonder if maybe your shot of the keyboard signifies a mirrored struggle? I would love to have seen what work looks like for you, aside from your use of the computer! A few technical points — I think the library shot could be lightened up a tad bit, and the aperture could be narrowed a bit more for the teatime shot. When I got my lens with a 1.8 f-stop, I was obsessed with using the widest aperture possible for portrait/basically anything, and still to this day need to catch myself focusing too much on single grains of rice. Just suggestions, it’s all up to you!

Beatrice: Jacquelyn, We both have a car side mirror picture in our series – great minds think alike! I understand what you’re trying to convey through your photos – it can be relatable to many people. If having a shallow depth of field isn’t part of your theme, maybe you could include other shots at a greater depth of field and at a wider angle. I think that would give you a more balanced series. More contrast in the colors would also make your pictures even more vibrant.

Khatiti: Something that I like a lot about your piece is the variety of shots; no one image is the same as the last. With that in mind, I felt a sense of routine, and it was interesting (despite them being sort of daily events), in that they are very individual to you. I think that the first (drive to work) and last (tea-time) photos were the most visually interesting in terms of point of view and color respectively. I think that the walk to lunch photo would benefit with a clearer cue of the time of day/activity, without a caption I’m not sure that I would be able to tell where it fit into the day. Overall I feel like this piece gives a great glimpse into your life!

Christine: Hey Jacquelyn, I just wanted to let you know that I loved your library image! The change in depth is so strong and the transition between light and dark is great. Also the focus on the potpourri (?) photo is awesome! Can’t wait to see more!

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