“Being / Seeing / Taking” by Stephen Turnock

Challenge #1: “Life in our moment”: Take approximately 4-6 photos of different hours of the day, 8am – 11am – 1pm – 5pm – 11pm, so we can see the progression of time as we are living it. It doesn’t need to be on the same day but a ‘day’ is what is to be perceived. 

During the first project I wanted to show some scenes that I have just enjoyed being/seeing/taking during the day and thus tried to keep them close to the hours there-suggested. They were scenes that I thought about moments before grabbing my camera and thinking “this is my hour X shot”. One criticism I have in my own work is the isolation depicted in it. I’m unsure on its explanation at the moment. But in general I aimed to show progression of my adventures around the place in this project.
See more of his work here: turnockstephen.wordpress.com
8am AM 11 PM 1 PM 5 PM 8 PM 11

Critiques: At the end of every artist’s piece, we will be posting the critiques that other members of The Photograph Collective have written in response. These critiques are meant to encourage, challenge, and ultimately better each other as photographers. In the same fashion, we also invite our readers to share their thoughts of projects in the comments section below.

Amanda: I was super excited to see your work since you were the originator of the idea! I do like that you kept to the specific time frames since many people didn’t. You mention that you didn’t like the “isolation” aspect of the photographs, but I actually feel like that the one thing which ties the set together is that exact isolation. The feeling is strong – and it’s not necessarily a bad one such as “loneliness” – but it is clear that all of the photos are from the perspective of one individual. Each photo & the set together all have a patient observer feel to them which I quite enjoy. I think the strongest photos are 1 & 2 because they are the most interesting. While the other photos still have the same snapshot style, the first seems incredibly pensive and the second is composed in a very deliberate manner which adds to the drama of it. I’m personally fascinated by those moments where you get a chance to see something nobody else notices – I feel like 1 & 2 capture those moments very well. Additionally, there’s an interesting relationship between the man holding his cup and the poster in the background with the trumpet. In terms of color, I think 4 is a little too warm to the point of distraction. It is also the only photo which does not have a unique perspective (all the others are from an odd angle, seem to be taken from a tucked away corner, etc.) Wonderful work, Stephen! I am excited to see your work continue in the future – perhaps one way to challenge yourself as you continue is to find a way to make the ties between your photos even stronger. That’s personally something I struggle with constantly! 

Maya: Stephen, I think you had some really amazing shots in this project. My absolute favorite is your fourth shot at 5pm; this place looks wonderful! The third and sixth shot, for me, felt a little bit like you may have run out inspiration; for both, I wasn’t sure what the atmosphere was like, who was there, or what the sentimental significance might be for you. The fourth shot just screams all three of those things! For the first shot, I like the composition and colors, but it’s not light enough to see the details of the subject — it’s sort of in between soft lighting and the silhouette of the second photograph, that is completely back lit. Try to get the light to hit the face/features of your photos’ subject! Overall, I was wow’d by the fourth shot. Keep up the great work, and I’m excited to see what you do next!

Beatrice: Stephen, I liked the simplicity of your theme. My favorite photo is the second photo – I think the perspective is interesting. I also think the first photo does a good job showing the mood at 8am. I would like to see more of something that ties all your photos together to make the series more coherent. I really like how I am able to get a specific glimpse of your activities throughout a day in your life.

Khatiti: My first impression of your piece is how the transitions of day are marked by a change of location. The photo set makes me feel excited, like I want to explore the day that you experience for myself! 8AM, 5PM, and 8PM were the strongest in my opinion because they are compositionally the most intriguing. There is so much to explore within each of these photos that I keep coming back to them. I think that your artist’s statement could do more explanation of what you were hoping to portray, though your collection is clear in depicting your daily progression, some more insight would be nice.

Christine: Hey Stephen, I just wanted to let you know that I really loved your clock/time photo. Its super unusual, and speaks to a really interesting visual perspective in time and space. It felt like it was so different to the rest of your project, but I loved all the different light sources across the images. Strong stuff! Cant wait to see more :)

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