Project #1: “Life In Our Moment”


“Life in our moment”: Take approximately 4-6 photos of different hours of the day, 8am – 11am – 1pm – 5pm – 11pm, so we can see the progression of time as we are living it. It doesn’t need to be on the same day but a ‘day’ is what is to be perceived.  (Inspired by The Hours)

– Stephen Turnock

Things have been quiet over here recently, but that doesn’t mean we’ve just been sitting around! We’ve been up to all sorts of shenanigans, and have been diligently working on our very first project by exchanging ideas, sketching out shots, providing advice, and of course taking photos. Rather than dumping all of our content at once (10 projects is a lot to take in!), we’ve decided to spread out our projects over the course of the next few weeks with 2 photographers / week. It’s been amazing listening to everybody share their concepts and witness how each person is interpreting the challenge. Can’t wait for you to see!

[Photograph by Amanda Liew: La Jolla Cove, CA]


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