Photographer Bio: Christine Alix



Detroit, MI & New York, NY // Instagram: @Christine_Alix 

My love of photography often intersects with my passion for adventure and travel. Having explored nearly 40 countries, much of my work is focused on different locations including Dharavi in Mumbai, Istanbul and Detroit, where I’ve been continuously photographing for the last five years. In total, I’ve been photographing and studying photography for 10 years, though recently my practice has been shifting. I’ve been putting down my Canon 1D in favor of my FujiFilm x100S and iPhone, trading weight for compact convenience. This is allowing me to explore more personal subjects, and photograph more regularly. When not taking pictures I can often be found planning shenanigans, daydreaming about s’mores or making lists of what I’d like to name my nonexistent pet jellyfish.

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